Omission Statement

Let's face it: we are the people who ask questions. Dumb questions, tough questions. And often we question the status quo. Because our purpose is a simple one: Making Technology easy.

The beauty of a promising solution lies in its simplicity.

Contrary to how many technology businesses operate in their industries, we believe that the key to success is in omission: Making Technology easy – and thus more successful in the marketplace – is a task of subtracting interface barriers instead of constantly adding functions, features, buttons ... and blowing up the user documentation.

During our over twenty years of professional expertise, we came to understand that making things easy is the hardest thing to do. Because we need to convince a lot of stakeholders in the design and development process. We need to overcome our own traditional thinking, our fear of being rejected or even laughed at, we need to break rules. But if we succeed, the rewards can be high. People worldwide profit from our solutions.

We can make a difference. Because we have an important source for innovation at our command: The power of omission. The power of simplicity.

We dedicate our business life to it.