You're an agent of change.

How do we know? Actually, we don't know. Not 100 percent. But if we can convince you with our portfolio as presented on this website, you may be after all.

You could be a product manager, a project leader, a head of documentation, a marketing manager, a head of R&D, a CEO, a procurement official ...

Whatever your position, you're a decision-maker. You're business-savvy. You prefer to think strategically, to think in options. Your attitude is: What if? And: Why not?

You aren't satisfied with painting by numbers, working to rule and creating me-too products. You want to change something. You want to improve people's life. That's why you and your company create great products and constantly innovate. You aren't used to rest on your laurels.

If this sums up your attitude, you've come to the right place.