Multiple awards for a primer
in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

When Siemens Medical Solutions asked CAPE to issue a primer for their clinical customers which would help them understand the technology of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, CAPE created nothing short but a new world-class standard.

Magnets, Spins, and Resonances:
An introduction to the basics of magnetic resonance imaging

Award of Excellence, International Technical Publications Competition, Seattle, Washington, 1996

Distinguished Award (for 2nd extended edition), Trans European Technical Communications Competition, Brussels, 2003

"This brochure – in content and presentation – really is worth an award." The CEO and the CFO of Siemens Medical Solutions

"If only textbooks in public schools were as outstanding as this ... Publish more!" The Judges, 2003

"If I only had this book when I was new to magnetic resonance imaging." Client: Customer Support

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