Thinking outside the box

What's the point of technology if people have a hard time using it? What's the use of user interfaces, manuals and help functions if people don't find solutions to their problems, as fast as possible?

What's the use of corporate communications if people don't get your point? If they don't have the feeling of being better informed than before? And if they don't feel an emotional connection to your brand?

You're looking for experts in information development and design, interface design, product documentation, marketing communication. Experts known for high quality results. Innovative, creative, reliable, and unorthodox. Not everybody's cup of tea. But hopefully yours.

This is what you expect from your supplier: High quality, on-time delivery, competitive prices. And it gets even better if your supplier communicates proactively with you and your coworkers, points out room for improvement, for innovation, for cooperation, and provides interdiscliplinary, cross-departmental advice.

If this resonates with you, you are very welcome.

"1-pager technical communication (GER)"